What We Do

NKC is a private investment firm dedicated to creating financial returns from socially conscious, community sensitive investments in the Southeast United States.

Do Good

There’s no rule that says you have separate your beliefs from your business.

At New Kent the first filter for any potential investment or collaboration is always “what good comes out of the effort” and “is there an individual or group that will really benefit from the project”?

If yes, then the real diligence begins as we work hard to understand your vision and tactical plans.

Make Money

Our family already has a captive charitable organization and New Kent isn’t it. “Capitalism” is a good thing. “Capitalism with a Conscience” is an even better thing.

Let’s be very clear – we like making money.

Regardless of whether its a commercial business or a social business – expansion is important. And, it takes money to fuel expansion.

Have Fun

You can always make more money – you can’t make more time. Life is too short to spend it doing things you don’t like with people that you don’t find engaging and fun.

Here at New Kent we want to have an impact and we want to make money – but – we want to do it in a way where we don’t take ourselves too seriously and are not afraid to have some fun.

Work hard, play hard – not a bad combination.

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