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“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

~ Albert Einstein


Doug is a frequent speaker and discussion panel leader on a wide range of leadership, technology and privacy topics. Follow his scheduled appearances and see some of his prior speeches and presentations.


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    ClearPro Aims to Build Consumer Trust and Fight Fraud Within The Mortgage Industry (4/5/2021) Read More »

    Tyler Technologies and NIC Announce Expiration of the Hart-Scott-Rondino Waiting Period For Proposed Acquisition of NIC. (3/26/2021) Read More »

    New FICO Survey Finds That The Vast Majority Of Consumers’ Financial Needs Are Going Unmet. (2/10/2021) Read More »

    New FICO Survey Finds That The Vast Majority of Consumers’ Financial Needs are Going Unmet. (2/10/21) Read More »

    What Changes After Covid-19? I’m Betting on Everything. (11/29/2020) Read More »

    Real Estate Transactions go Virtual. (11/11/2020) Read More »

    Furniture, Bikes, and Cooking Supplies – What People are Buying During the Pandemic. (10/28/2020) Read More »

    African Money Transfer Firms Thrive as Pandemic Spurs Online Remittances. (10/26/2020) Read More »

    The Government Uses ‘Near Perfect Surveillance Data’ on Americans. (2/7/2020) Read More »

    Aaron’s team with former NFL stars to Provide “Home for the Holidays”. (1/7/2020) Read More »

    Kenya’s New Digital ID’s May Exclude Millions of Minorities. (1/28/2020) Read More »

    Facebook Will Show You Exactly How it Stalks You, Even When You Aren’t Using Facebook. (1/28/2020) Read More »

    To Fight New Employment Law, Uber Pits California Drivers Against Each Other. (1/27/2020) Read More »

    Everything You Think You Know About Housing is Probably Wrong. (1/28/2020) Read More »

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