How We Do It

Who you do business with speaks volumes about your firm and what you believe in.

Social & Community Investing

New Kent will partner and fund interesting, innovative, life changing projects that are organized as 501(c)3’s or as for-profit social businesses – sometimes with cash, or in-kind donations and sometimes with volunteered talent, leadership, and networking.

We obviously can’t help everybody but we do try to find a few tightly focused projects where we can become heavily “invested” in shared success.

Existing Businesses

We’re fascinated by American business – and we invest in listed (and some unlisted) debt and equities that meet our investment criteria and we believe offer compelling long-term opportunity with reasonable market and execution risk.

Math matters a lot here, and we’re disciplined – very disciplined – in what we invest in, and who we invest with.

New Businesses

It’s exciting to start a new business and watch it grow.

We’re particularly interested in technology-based businesses in the social network data space, the alternate credit space (thin file) and in mobile enabled consumer credentialing.

To catch our attention here, we have to be fascinated by the opportunity – and impressed with the passion and cohesion of the management team.

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