New Kent Capital LLC

1060 Canton Street
Roswell, GA 30075

(678) 672-4010 (Office)

(866) 972-4708 (Toll Free)

(678) 672-4014 (Fax)

About New Kent Capital

The Companys mantra is simple:

  • Do Good
  • Make Money
  • Have Fun

New Kent Capital LLC is a family-run private investment company, founded by Doug Curling, the former President & COO of ChoicePoint. The company was created to generate returns via socially conscious, community sensitive investments – primarily here in the Southeast – but occasionally elsewhere in the United States and abroad.

It’s expected that for many projects New Kent Capital will be the sole outside investor – but will not act as the strategic leader or the owner/operator. Instead, New Kent seeks to serve as an advisor or “tribal elder” to underfunded and inexperienced – but already highly motivated and well organized – community projects and businesses that have a GREAT plan and need a helping hand to achieve success.

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